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Glider launch and cable retrieve winch systems
powered by LPG, petrol or diesel
The manufacturer
Skylaunch is a long established and reputable glider winch manufacturer based in central England with a global reputation.

We have winches in Germany, Holland, France, United Kingdom, South America, Middle East and the Far East at a range of military and civilian sites for student flight training and for sport flying.
Skylaunch are very experienced in creating new winching operations at airfields, this includes training pilots, ground crew and winch drivers.

We are also advisors on winching safety, operating and technical issues to several gliding associations around the world.

If you are considering using a winch or renewing your existing machine please consider Skylaunch when evaluating the winches available. We also re-engineer many other makes of winches to produce the same high quality launches as a new Skylaunch but at a much lower cost.

Please take the time to read the attached page and for more information please visit our website www.skylaunch.de (German) or contact us for a free detailed information booklet and a CD of Skylaunch on:

phone: +49 173 4689114 (English or German)
fax: +49 32 223478238 (English, German or French)
email : (English, German or French)
The products
  • Tested and ready to launch winches from € 48,295 or fitted on a new trailer and delivered with full training from € 55,195 .
  • Safe, smooth and accurate launches with no disconcerting glider oscillations.
  • Proven, reliable system with over 1 million launches.
  • Will out perform all other winches for easily controllable safe glider air speed and launch heights.
  • Environmentally friendly sealed propane fuel system (with no road tax) from ordinary domestic or commercial bulk tanks.
  • No lorry to purchase and maintain, instead winch weighing only 2 tonnes is normally mounted on a road legal trailer for easy transport on the highway or soft airfields.
  • Towing vehicle is unhitched to tow cables so only 2 machines are required not 3.
  • No requirement for expensive underground high voltage power supply.
  • One automotive battery to supply simple 12 volt electrical system - no danger of electrocution.
  • Winch is weather proof with no risk of moisture damaging complex electronic components.
  • No specialist personnel required for the minimal maintenance required.
  • Intensive, continuous launching can be sustained without delay for re-charging or risk of overheating.
  • Designed to also use with high speed retrieve winch for launch rates of up to 30 gliders per hour and not damage soft airfields.
  • Trouble free narrow cable drum design needs no complex cable winding mechanisms and winch uses Dyneema or steel cable.
  • With the increasing cost of aero towing and the trend for self launching often excluding the much needed younger pilots, high quality winching is becoming a launching method of growing importance to the club's future. The many winches Skylaunch have supplied world wide have raised their levels of safety and activity and transformed their prosperity and general ethos.
  • As all our customers really do tell us :

    "It's like going up on rails"
Our winches and winch upgrades: PDF Catalogue
Our cable components and winch spare parts: Web Shop / PDF Catalogue


SKYLAUNCH 2, SKYLAUNCH 3, EVOLUTION, SKYDRIVE and SKYLAUNCH cable retrieve winch in action


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